#14. Leaving our mark

In our last week in Mbale it was important to leave our mark in the community and increase the profile of Balloon Ventures to more local people. Everyone in the group had different projects they were working on, all were exceptional and really put Balloon Ventures out there! I was very proud of the great work of each member of the team done.

Hermon, Josh, Rachel and myself spent a day teaching business skills to some of the Business Information Technology students at the Islamic University In Uganda (IUIU). The session was very successful because we had many students interested in joining the program as entrepreneurs and volunteers. Balloon Ventures became a popular name across the university and the Head of the Department was very impressed with the work we done, even extending an invite for us to come and do more work with them. I would like to thank Paul Olupot and Mohammed Lowan who facilitated us coming to the university.

The Balloon Ventures team were amazing. Here were some of the projects the team took part in to leave their mark on the community. Top Left. Ellie, Gareth, Claire, Betty and Patience doing working with Red Cross in Mbale. Top Right. Betty, Stephanie, Gemma, Mercy and Claire working with a women’s group they set up in Bungkoho to allow women to support themselves financially .Bottom Right. James designed a graffiti wall in the Mbale Stadium to REALLY make sure no one forgets Balloon Ventures. Bottom Left. Mercy and Claire worked together with Mama Juliet to start up a women’s group.

Other mentions include: Stephanie and Gemma helping out at a local orphanage, Geoffry and Gareth organising a fun football match; Balloon Ventures team vs the local Mbale. The Local team won that! Lastly, Betty doing a radio show talking about the work we had achieved in Uganda.

Photo credits: James Montgomery, Stephanie Itimi and Claire Hoyland.

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